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When we provide website designing services, we always take your business into account. Your business will help us determine the requirements of your website. This allows us to design a website that can help you stand apart in your niche.

We have a team of dedicated and talented web designers capable of creating wonderful and unique designs. They keep themselves updated on the latest technologies such as the most recent versions of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop. We will even integrate the designs into website irrespective of the way it has been created such as HTML 5, CSS3, WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Our team can even conduct a thorough study into the previous design of your website in order to create a new one which lives up to the latest web standards.


We understand the highly competitive nature of the web which is why Matrix Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd ensures that our website designing services are advantageous for you.

Details: We pride ourselves in being able to customize all your website details such as fonts so as to give it a personality.

Structure: Apart from designing the website in an aesthetically pleasing manner, we will make sure that the design is also usable and functional.

UI and UX: We believe that a great website design should possess a strong User Interface and a spectacular User Experience

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You want to sell your products we can create a store for you to help you sell online.

About website designs

Have you noticed this new design trend that is making websites look cool and trendy? This is the flat design trend that is taking the website designing field by storm. What it means is, that websites are designed in a way that make them look, well, flat. No more drop shadows and gradients and textures to make your web pages look exciting. The web design has matured to a level where a more uber-cool and simple flat web design with minimal use of effects and colors is the in thing. Using simple icons, simple, easily readable and big typography, plain colors, etc. are the salient features of flat web design.

Minimalistic approach

As flat web design has made the web look more polished and mature the simplicity of design and content is becoming more and more appealing to web users. A minimalistic approach in design is being used widely by most good web designers. It makes your website look much more elegant and graceful. With fewer embellishments to the important design elements such as icons, buttons, images and even text, everything looks clean and neat and the visitors find it easier to focus on what they are looking for without getting distracted by all those excessive design elements.

Responsive web design

With phenomenal development in the mobile technology and mobiles, smartphones, tablets becoming the preferred and widely used platforms for internet browsing, it became important to morph the web to fit these tiny screen sizes. Responsive web design made it possible to make your websites so flexible that they can now be seen on mobile phones without any loss of content or quality. You get almost the same experience of surfing the net that you get on a desktop or laptop computer. This is important for any business in order to reach the widest possible range of customers.

Mobile SEO

With mobile technology becoming widespread even the website SEO is taking newer forms. Mobile SEO is gaining importance over the traditional SEO practices. Mobile SEO is geared towards the mobile users and offering the best user experience to them. Since the user experience provided by a website to its visitors is one of the most important factors in engaging them, it can directly affect the search rankings. What is more important is that this can increase the conversion rate of the site significantly. It is therefore becoming important to make a website mobile friendly as well as using mobile SEO to improve its usability and rankings.